Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the school located?
The school is located at Alexandra Hills, on TAFE Campus. To find the school, drive into the TAFE, turn left at the roundabout and follow the signs to The Sycamore School Main Entrance. When you arrive, press the intercom button on the gate to be let in.

Is there a Catchment for Enrolments?
There is a catchment for the school and young people in the catchment will be given first preference, however, the school also accepts young people who live outside of the catchment area who have reliable transport arrangements to and from school.

Can we visit the school?
To book a tour, please complete our Enrolment Enquiry form. Our Enrolments Coordinator will then contact you to confirm your booking.

How many young people attend the school?
The school currently has 89 young people enrolled.

What are the class sizes and student/teacher ratios?
Each class has about ten young people supported by a Teacher and an Education Support Officer, who together form the Collaborative Education Team (CET). The CET share values and work together towards the educational goals and outcomes of the young people in their class. The CETs work closely with members of the Allied Health Team which comprises of a Social Worker, Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist. Together the teams collaborate with families to design individualised educational programs to support each young person's Personalised Learning Plan.

What young people do you cater for?
Young people must be of primary school age and have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The philosophy of the school is to support young people who cannot attend special schools and do not cope or thrive in mainstream settings. Of course, if we find that an enrolled young person is better suited to a special school or mainstream school, we will support that transition. Transitions must be agreed by the school, parents, and the young person.

What level of schooling is available?
The school currently caters for young people from Preparatory to Year 10. 

What do you do to support the transition to high-school?
Our overall aim at The Sycamore School is to enable children on the Autism Spectrum to participate and thrive in inclusive education and to build their independence skills. The School works closely with young people, their families, and when required, other schools that the young people may transition to.   Young people in Year 5 and 6 work towards a transition to high school in their classrooms by explicitly teaching them the skills needed to successfully navigate the high school environment. These things may include learning how to study, taking notes in a meaningful way, understanding timetables, planning and organisational skills.

Are enrolments still open?
Our current classes are at currently at capacity, however, if you are interested in a placement at the school, we recommend that families complete the Application for Enrolment form as soon as possible to be considered for our next available position. If a vacancy arises or students are coping well with the size of their class, we may look adding additional students to the class. For further details on how to apply for enrolment, please visit the Enrolments page of the website.

What are the costs involved in attending the school?
The school operates at a price level that is affordable to families while maintaining the required standards, meeting government regulation and ensuring its financial feasibility based on student numbers and fee payments.  Our school provides a specialist service with specialist teaching staff and a host of non-teaching supports as we aim for best practice. Our fees are also all inclusive and no additional levies are payable during the year for excursions, incursions or any additional needs that arise within a class. Our 2022 Junior School (Prep-Year 6)  are $8,320 per student per year, and our High School (Year 7-10) $8,632 per student per year.  There may be a small tuition fee increase from next year.  Sibling discounts may apply.

What days and times do the young people attend school?
Young people at The Sycamore School attend school full-time Monday to Friday during the designated school terms. Young people in Primary School (Prep to Year 6) attend school from 9:00AM to 2:30PM each day, and High School (Year 7 to 10) students attend from 8:45AM to 2:45PM each day. The Sycamore School program is full-time program, we cannot accommodate part-time placements. During the enrolment phase, gradual transitions are recommended and negotiable.

What curriculum do you teach?
The Sycamore School curriculum comprises of three key components: Respect The Spectrum (RTS), Australian Curriculum Learning Areas and the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities. The RTS is often termed as the 'hidden curriculum'. It involves explicit teaching, as well as the incidental teaching of a range of skills across the areas that are typical characteristics and indicators of ASD, communication skills, social interaction, adaptive behaviours, sensory processing and information processing skills. At The Sycamore School, programming is centred around each young person and what makes them unique. We believe in the promise and potential of each child, and this is our motivation. For further information, please see the Curriculum section of our About Us page.

Do you include Allied Health support at school?
The school has a Social Worker, a Speech Therapist and an Occupational Therapist who work with the Collaborative Education Team and with families to design programs that support the goals set in the Personalised Learning Plans. Students have access to group therapy sessions during school time, encouraging social learning and practising language, speech and other skills in a social context, as well as including components of the curriculum.

Can I use HCWA or NDIS funding towards fees?
Unfortunately, HCWA and NDIS will not fund any fees or resources for use in education.